Orange Juice Squeezer


An orange juice squeezer comes in two variations, manual and electric. Both does the same principle of creating fresh orange juice. The main difference between the two is amount of effort to be exerted in order to to have a glass of juice. The common denominator between the two is that both force the pulp and juice out from the rind. Choosing between a manual and electric juicer will be a tough one. However, it is going to be dependent upon the need and budget of the user. Pick one that serves the purpose and will give a refreshing drink.

Manual Juicer


Manual juicer is one good kitchen utensil to use to those who are into juicing but does not want to go through the hassle of using an electric one. Manual or hand juicer is relatively cheap compared to its counterpart. Plus, maintaining and using it is a breeze. There is no need of using an electricity to power it up. It saves energy and money. It is quiet to use and very lightweight unlike using an electric juicer. Lastly, it is very portable. This means it can be carried around even when traveling. Therefore, a person can still make a glass of fresh citrus juice wherever he is.

Low Cost Juicer


For those who started the juice diet or into juicing, it is highly recommended to purchase a low cost juicer. This will serve a good kitchen utensil to use while getting to know on how a juicer works. There are quite a number of juicers out there. Going for a manual version is advisable especially for a more lightweight or portable way of juicing. As for a more powerful and quick method an electric juicer is a much better idea. Where to find a good bargain deal for juicers? Go online. There are online shops that sell affordable and quality juicers.

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Lemon Juicer


Drinking lemonade and its other varieties is a good way to start a diet. There is one kitchen utensil to use that comes in handy in making a lemonade or any citrus juice – it’s a lemon juicer. There two types of juicer to choose from. One is the type which makes the citrus water. This is the juice that comes from lemon or any citrus fruit. The other one is the type that creates total citrus juice which includes the pith and the segments of the fruit. It would be best to buy the latter since it contains more nutrients and benefits compared to the other one.

Juice Diet


Juice diet is becoming a huge hit thanks to the successful stories from people who indeed lose the weight. What makes juicing an effective method to lose weight? Here are the answers. It reduces the person’s appetite. This means a person’s comfort for eating food is slowly eliminated. The stomach feels full with less food intake. Another thing with this kind of diet is that it a person has more energy in return he is losing weight naturally. It helps control cravings and appetite. Fruit juice is low in calories. Therefore, the body will not take in ┬ámore of what it can more.

Industrial Juicer


When it comes to doing tons of juicing industrial juicer is the way to go. It has enough power to create healthy juice drinks unlike with a typical juicer used at homes. This kind of juicer is made from high quality parts which enables it to make more juice a lot quicker and less the hassle. For those who fancy to go on a juice diet for a longer period of time this juicer is highly advisable. Common juicers used at homes are not as durable compared to the industrial type. It is priced relatively high yet it can withstand the test of time, be used over and over again to create the best citrus juice.

Healthy Weight Loss Recipes


One of the most effective healthy weight loss recipes is green lemonade. Ingredients to use are 2 medium apples, 1 cucumber, 4 leaf kale, 1 lemon, and 2 cups of spinach. Process all these ingredients using a blender or a juicer. Or, simply stir all the fruits and veggies and serve right away. The star in this drink is lemon. Adding it to the juice will help increasing weight loss. Also, the use of kale will give off the nutritional punch needed by the body. This vegetable has the fewest calorie counts compared to any other vegetables. Do try this drink and see your weight drops off.

Hand Juicer


Choosing the best hand juicer will depend upon every person’s need and budget. There are juicers for different categories, namely: value, leafy greens and wheatgrass, hard fruits and vegetables, soft fruits, and all rounder. Above anything go for a hand juicer that has the longest guarantee and warranty. This is to ensure to get value of what has been paid for. There are a number of juicers out there which are built to last longer, gives off quality juice. For those who are into juice diet, go purchase one that delivers and lasts longer. Start juicing, drink one glass half an hour before breakfast.

Fast Weight Loss Diet



Juicing is considered to be one effective method in fast weight loss diet. This has been widely used and a lot of people have seen positive results. A person can loose weight as much as 20 pounds off right from the first week of juice diet. Another good thing about this method is that there is a higher percentage people will stick to it. Why? It shows results even for the first 7 days of going through juice fasting. You can try the lemonade or any citrus juice diet. One piece of advice do consult a doctor first before starting any diet.

Commercial Blender


Commercial blender is the perfect appliance to use when creating juice that contains all the fiber and pulp in it. The blender blends whatever ingredients are placed inside it. Smoothie can be a delicious treat to those who want to get all the nutrients fruits have. There are quite a number of commercial blenders out in the market. Do pick one that is powerful enough to make a juice or smoothie out of it. A blender serves as a good alternative for a juicer especially to those people out there who are looking looking to have a healthy drink every day.

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